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Glow 2015

Every year I’m excited to see Glow Eindhoven and enjoy all the beautiful lights! Also this year I went, accompanied with my dad, but to be hones I was a little dissapointed. The more we saw the more video installations were part of the show. On top of that we walked in the pouring rain… Read more »

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Castlefest 2015

I always wanted to see Castlefest and go crazy making pictures. But somehow I never actually go there. Until my sister in law called me and said she bought me a ticket and a dress to wear. So two girls in a car heading to a fantasy world of it’s own. And what a world… Read more »

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Jazz In Duketown 2015

Every year the city of Den Bosch is filled with Jazz and Soul during the Jazz in Duketown festival. And also this year I was paying this delightful event a visit! Watch my impression of these wonderful artists! Click to see everything.