Just staring into the distance and wonder away.



I wanted to take this picture for so long now. But never found the place wich does had that creepy feeling that I wanted. But unexpectacly I found it! Thank you dear family! And of course model Judith!


First droplets ever

While enjoying the beautiful garden filled with the smell of mowed grass the dew had just magicaly lit every flower and plant I could see. Enthusasticly I grabbed the macro lens and began my adventure 🙂 Even though macro photography is far from my best skill I enjoyed it to be a good few hours… Read more »

P1080551 1200x500

Colour Bomb

How fun is this amazing colour bomb make-up! Expecially when you have such an gorgues model to work with! Thank You Chantal van Dalen! MUA: Zandalee CardinaalHair: Tessa BorModel: Chantal van Dalen  

FotorCreated 2

Project Y: Recap

A little retrospect to all the beautiful eyes wich I captured so far! 🙂


Black & White

Last week I shoot the beautiful Fleur for a black and white theme. Thanks to make-up artis Zandalee we got this amazing shot! 


Project Y

Another! Project Y is going amazing!


Hello Sunrise

Do you also love the sight of the sun coming up. Just being and enjoy the sunrise ^^

IMG_5550 -1

Blood Moon Eclipse

Last night the Blood Moon Eclipse was seen on many places around the world! Also seen here in our little wet country 🙂 Setting my alarm around 3 a clock to see this amazing happening, I struggled a little to get a good picture but I think I did a reasonable job and of course… Read more »

P1050808 samengevoegd

Hello Tranquility

It’s been a while, with all the things done and summer has started. I finally can say some calm has returned to my head and I’m ready for a summer full of shooting!



Despite some little nerves for the camera, lovely Ismay nailed it in today’s photoshoot!



Thank you Frank and Ingrid for the lovely day! Gijs is beautiful!  



While trying something new we got to the conclusion really fast the background just wasn’t working. So hitting another note this beautifull shot was the result.

Fotortest border 15

Part || Being the other me

Second part of the photoshoot I did some weeks ago: Seeing the other me. Enjoy!  ^^    

  • IMG_8801 -1

    Project Y

    Already 31 eyes captured! Today ‘brown eyed girl’ Ilse! Thanks Girl!

  • P1090490 logo

    Good Morning!

    When the first lights of the day arrives 🙂 These natural brown tones are the most calming!

  • FotorCreated

    Project Y

    Another amazing eye of Floor de Laat! Thank you girl!  

  • IMG_8289 -1

    Project Y

    Project Y 27! Every time I see another eye beauty I want to shoot some more! Thank you Floor Marijnissen!

  • P1080446 logo

    White Specks

    Another experimental shoot with make-up artis Zandalee and gorgeous Danique!

  • P1080858 -1

    Children Photoshoot

    Past week I had an lovely day shooting these very playful kids! The plan was to use the colorful wallpaper as a background but the kids had other things in mind ^^ Looking back at the results I think this is exactly what I wanted the shoot to be! Real and playful!

  • P1080347

    Earth Part ||

    Just another of beautiful Leoni! Enjoy!

  • P1080316


    Theme ‘Earth’ with Make-up Artist Zandalee and our most radiant model Leonie.

  • IMG_7325

    Release ClubJoy

    The release of the new ClubJoy Training! See everything!  

  • IMG_6584 -1

    Project Y

    First eye of 2016! The still in progress Project Y!

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