Project Y

Project Y number 8!


Hello Tranquility

It’s been a while, with all the things done and summer has started. I finally can say some calm has returned to my head and I’m ready for a summer full of shooting! 



Despite some little nerves for the camera, lovely Ismay nailed it in today’s photoshoot!  


Project Y

Project Y is really getting started! It’s wasn’t easy to hold perfectly still and look into the light for long but Behold for the amazing eyes of Thijmen and Cas! Thanks Ellen!



Thank you Frank and Ingrid for the lovely day! Gijs is beautiful!



While trying something new we got to the conclusion really fast the background just wasn’t working. So hitting another note this beautifull shot was the result.  

Fotortest border 15

Part || Being the other me

Second part of the photoshoot I did some weeks ago: Seeing the other me. Enjoy!  ^^


Feather Photoshoot

I couldn’t hold myself posting this photo as soon as possible. Looking at them made me  smile instantly! :)So with many compliments to my two girls that day, posing in the freezing cold and helping me carry all the things we may have needed!Thank you Krissy and Judith! xClick here to see the whole shoot!  

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    Summer Challenge #1

    Summer fun! Let’s see if we could complete the challenge! Keep u posted!

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    Project Y

    Already Project Y number 7! This time the lovely eyes of Sandra, they are true beauties!

  • IMG_3112

    Jazz In Duketown 2015

    Every year the city of Den Bosch is filled with Jazz and Soul during the Jazz in Duketown festival. And also this year I was paying this delightful event a visit! Watch my impression of these wonderful artists! Click to see everything.  

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    Petra Lesbos-Greece

    On my trip to Lesbos Greece we came across the most breathtaking landcape views and enjoying everything the island had to offer. Altough one week wasn’t long enough to see the whole island we sure had seen a lot. And with that I can already check another Greek Island from my checklist for seeing every… Read more »

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    Rainy Days

    While my head was thinking of taking a lot of beautiful pictures today, one look out of the window got me demotivated. So, not to slumber into the dreadful rain outside all day, I took some inside. I hope spring is making his appearance soon because I am ready!  

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    Project Y

    Project Y number four!

  • p1040445.jpg

    Salix Caprea Creation

    Lovely Jeniffer. When I saw those silly little flowerbuds in our garden I knew I wanted to do something with them for my next photo of the week. These are the results!

  • P1040168.jpg

    Try Out

    Brr! Despite the freezing cold these hero’s were just amazing!

  • P1010635 geknipt


    It’s a beautiful day today! This curious creature was just saying Hello.

  • IMG_0722

    Project Y

    Beautiful eye of Zandalee.

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